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DnB Snail Premium Snail Cream / Moisturizing Nourishing crem

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  • Weight50 g

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  • South Korea South Korea
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DnB Snail Premium

Snail Cream Mucin / Panthenol (vitamin B5) 

Perfect for Improving Skin Elasticity by Promoting Collagen Production!
DnB Snail Cream that adds more moisture and radiance to the skin
Snail mucus that is highly effective in moisturizing the skin and increasing 
skin elasticity by promoting collagen production in the skin
Formulated with filtrate ingredients, it supplies moisture and nutrients to the skin, 
making rough skin soft and smooth.


■ Effects of DnB Snail Cream 



Skin protection  

Skin moisture

Skin elasticity

Skin regeneration



Miraculous power of snail that has high cell regeneration ability

Snail mucus makes sun-damaged skin vibrant, and chondroitin sulfuric acid that contains

mucus supplies chondrocyte, helping to promote cells in the skin.

Along with mucin, panthenol and other nature-derived ingredients provide moisture 

to the skin, leaving the skin moisturized like a baby’s skin. 







■ DnB Snail Premium Snail Foam Cleansing
Soft and fine lather of DnB Snail Premium Snail Foam Cleansing thoroughly 
removes makeup residues and excess sebum, leaving the skin cleaner.  

Soothing sensitive skin 

with mucin from snail

Containing organic sulfur MSM


Cleansing and Skin Care at Once! 
Effects of DnB Snail Foam Cleansing
- It thoroughly removes makeup with no makeup residues left.
- It cares for dead skin cells as well as pores at once. 
- It makes the skin hydrated and improves skin elasticity after washing the face. 

What is Organic Sulfur (MSM)?
This non-toxic and odorless compound that is also called a beauty mineral makes 
the skin elastic and has skin care effects.