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DnB Horse Oil Cream, jeju Mayu Cream

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  • Weight70 g

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  • South Korea South Korea
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DnB Horse Oil Cream 

Horse oil has been used as a moisturizer for the skin and hair from the past. 
DnB Horse oil made by refining high quality horse oil prevents moisture loss from the skin and 
penetrates into the layers of dead skin cells with a powerful penetrating ability, 
providing intense moisture to dry skin, keeping the skin radiant. 
It is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, also called ‘cosmetic acid’, helping to achieve the right 
balance between oil and moisture level and to provide a powerful skin soothing effect. 
Plus, it has no sticky feelings and makes the skin supple over the course of four seasons. 

Features of DnB Horse Oil Cream
Double Functional Product for Wrinkle Care and Whitening 
Formulated with MFDS-approved niacinamide and adenosine 

■ Certified as Whitening and Wrinkle Care Product 
It contains compounds such as niacinamide and adenosine that are approved by MFDS, 
making the skin clearer and more elastic.  
■ Supplying Nutrients 
It has great penetrating power as unsaturated fatty acid of horse oil is remarkably similar 
to people's sebum, 
■ Moisturizing Effect for Extremely Dry Skin 
Palmitolic acid and ceramide, major compounds of horse oil, absorb deep into the skin. 
Also, it generates a skin protective layer, keeping moisture from evaporating for a long time. 

Ingredients of DnB Horse Oil Cream
The key ingredients of horse oil include ceramide and linoleic acid moisturizing the skin, 
palmitolic acid playing an important role in atopic dermatitis and oleic acid among compounds 
where fatty acid distribution is similar to humans and consist of unsaturated fatty acid. 
Therefore, it helps moisturize and protect the skin. 
DnB Horse Oil Cream that contains more than 25 botanical extracts and Jeju horse oil 
provides nutrients and moisture to the skin, making rough skin soft and smooth. 






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DnB Horse Oil Cream_ jeju Mayu Cream